LibDSL Library

What is LibDSL?

LibDSL is a library that helps the implementer of an embedded domain specific language (EDSL) effectively develop it in D language.

The LibDSL library accepts as input some kinds of ``specifications'' of the EDSL that the implementer is going to develop and a D program within which an EDSL source program written by the user is embedded. It produces the front-end code of an LALR parser for the EDSL program and back-end code of the execution engine. LibDSL is able to produce two kinds of execution engines, namely compiler-based and interpreter-based engines, either of which the user can properly choose depending on whether an EDSL program is known at compile-time or not.

Source code of LibDSL

Source code of LINQ-like EDSL and LibDSL:

Source code of an extension of LINQ-like EDSL and LibDSL:


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